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Revenstar is a locally owned and operated family business specializing in the installation and maintenance of antennas and high-speed data networks for commercial enterprises. Our customers include hotels, real-estate and property management companies, restaurants, retail stores, builders, public utilities, internet service providers, cable companies, and radio and television stations.

You are welcome to use our custom microwave link planning software to estimate your needs, or contact us directly for an estimate.

Systems and Services at a Glance

We have expertise in installing and maintaining a variety of satellite equipment, including high performance C band TVRO downlink antennas in sizes up to 6 meters for cable headends, SMATV, and syndicated radio and TV programming, Ku band antennas for satellite news gathering, business TV, and in-store music, as well as bi-directional Ku and Ka band VSAT terminals for remote data acquisition and automated system control.

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Distributing satellite signal in a large institution such as a hotel or apartment building can be challenging. Because the type of distribution network commonly used for cable or OTA signals isn't able to handle switching, or the higher frequencies used for satellite signals, the company technician often has no option but to install a separate dish for each customer.

We have a variety of inexpensive solutions available that will allow all of your tenants to receive programming from a single master antenna, keeping your tenants happy by providing quality low-cost television while preventing your building from turning into a dish farm.

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Cellular base stations are a great option to provide service where cell signal is available, but wired internet connectivity is not. Typical uses include voice/data/internet connectivity for remote locations as well as vehicles and temporary sites, two way communication with automated systems, and transmission of real-time telemetry data. Our modems are a drop-in replacement for a DSL or cable modem, and are compatible with all major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Because of the option of using a high gain antenna, we can provide this service even in areas where a typical cell phone may have little to no signal, so contact us for a free site survey to determine your coverage.

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A great way to provide ambiance to dining areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, and retail spaces. We have a diverse portfolio of products to serve any size facility, including ceiling speakers from Quam™ approved for use in plenum airspaces in both 8Ω and 70V versions, outdoor speakers, a full line of rack mount amplifiers, program sources including FM and Sirius satellite radio receivers and antennas, digital media servers, phone patch systems for paging, and CD players. We also have solutions for open spaces and sound reinforcement in auditoriums, gymnasiums, and churches.

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WiFi can be challenging to deploy in a business environment for several reasons, including interference from adjacent stations, propagation of signal to all of the areas where you need coverage, and keeping your private traffic segregated from any publicly accessible "hotspots".

We use our knowledge of both networking and radio propagation to design a custom tailored network for your business that will provide the maximum throughput and coverage using the fewest possible access points. Make the most of your existing infrastructure by offering free public WiFi using your existing access points without worrying about security breaches or customers taking unfair advantage your bandwidth. We install and service both Cisco and Mikrotik equipment, including systems specifically tailored for retail.

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Keeping in touch with and keeping track of your employees and assets is an important part of managing them properly. We offer a variety of mobile/in-vehicle systems for both business and government.

We install antennas, feedline, and receivers/transceivers for CB, VHF and UHF land mobile radio, cellular data and telephony, Sirius satellite radio, GPS, VHF and UHF public safety two-way radio, and satellite tracking and telephony. We also have complete cellular booster systems, and base station packages for CB.

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Avoid the rising costs of subscription TV and music services with your own over-the-air antenna. Your antenna will allow you to receive free HD broadcasts from your local stations, as well as FM broadcast stations with a much greater range than an indoor dipole. These are a fantastic solution to provide entertainment for waiting rooms, employee break rooms, dining areas, hotels, and hospitals without raising your operating expenses. Take advantage of your local FM stations to provide free in-store music. Having a free, always available TV signal is also a great selling point for an apartment complex, campground, or mobile home park.

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Because nearly all of your business' critical data is carried over your building's structured cabling network, it only makes sense to have a dedicated cabling professional install it, rather than trust your builder or electrician, then spend extra money to fix their mistakes.

We install patch bays, comms cupboards, distribution frames, fiber trunked switched ethernet networks, as well as run UTP, coax, and fiber for any application. It doesn't matter if you have just a few endpoints or hundreds, our systems are designed and installed to be easily scaled or upgraded.

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Microwave links are a reliable and inexpensive way to move data across long distances where running fiber would be too costly or impractical. We offer a wide variety of services for microwave, including link planning and link budgeting, antenna and radio installation, dish alignment, and waveguide and coax installation.

Our product portfolio covers everything from the common unlicensed C-band WiFi links used by small businesses to route data across a CAN or MAN up to FCC Part 101 licensed C and Ku band TDM carrier grade links for ISPs and cell carriers. Whether you need to move data a few hundred feet or several dozen miles, we can develop a solution that works for your budget. Feel free to use our custom link planning software to help estimate your needs.

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We can do everything you need to keep your remote tower or cell site running properly, including: general cleaning, HVAC filter changes, line pressurizer system maintenance such as desiccant cartridge or bottled gas replacement, replacement of rigid and flexible coax and waveguide transmission lines, beacon replacement, painting, replacement or installation of antennas, and removal of old antennas.

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Do you have something in mind that isn't covered in the previous sections? Let us know and we'll see if we can find a solution that's right for your needs.


The Fowave Microwave Link Planner. is a custom software application for calculating free-space path loss, determining antenna gain, converting between various units of measure, and creating link budgets. We use it for all of our projects, and you are welcome to use it free of charge.

Technical Support

For questions regarding systems we have installed or serviced in the past, you may contact us through this site. Please be sure to supply the service order number and date.

For technical documentation on your installed equipment, please refer to the documentation folder you received when your service order was completed, or the equipment manufacturer's website. For certain equipment that we install regularly, we maintain a small technical documentation library to ensure that you will always have access to the documentation for your equipment, even if the manufacturer no longer makes it readily available.


Rates are variable according to the complexity of the work, from $35/hour up to $75/hour and will be agreed upon before work starts. There is a minimum call out of one hour, excluding the cost of equipment/parts and mileage. Discounted rates are available for non-profit organizations (see below). Bulk discounts for larger jobs that would take several hours or working days are worked out on a per-job basis. Mileage is $0.30 per mile, as calculated from Buckhannon or Elkins, whichever is closest to your site.

Estimates are based on a worst case scenario, so the actual cost of the job is unlikely to exceed the estimate price.

Non-profit discounts

Because of the variety of religious and non-profit programming available for free via satellite, including TBN, EWTN, and PBS, a number of churches and schools have contacted us about motorized TVRO systems. Because of this we have a special discount rate for non-profit organizations of 10% off labor and mileage and 5% off equipment. This discount applies to all of our services; satellite, wireless, networking, etc... Repairs and maintenance to publicly accessible infrastructure for the amateur radio community is also covered under the terms of this discount.


Use this mileage lookup table to estimate the mileage to your site.

Areas We Serve

Revenstar is based in Buckhannon, WV and serves the majority of southern and eastern West Virginia and the western most part of Virginia, including the following cities and surrounding towns:

West Virginia

  • Beckley
  • Brandywine
  • Bridgeport
  • Buckhannon
  • Burnsville
  • Charleston
  • Charles Town
  • Clarksburg
  • Clay
  • Clendenin
  • Davis
  • Elkins
  • Fairmont
  • Flatwoods
  • Franklin
  • Glenville
  • Grafton
  • Harman
  • Keyser
  • Kingwood
  • Logan
  • Marlinton
  • Martinsburg
  • Moorefield
  • Mullens
  • Nitro
  • Oceana
  • Parsons
  • Philippi
  • Rainelle
  • Richwood
  • Ripley
  • Spencer
  • Summersville
  • Sutton
  • Terra Alta
  • Webster Springs
  • Weston
  • White Sulphur Springs


  • Harrisonburg
  • Lexington
  • Staunton
  • Waynesboro

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