In-Store and Installed Sound

Ceiling Speakers and PA Amps

Add ambiance to your retail space, dining area, or lobby by installing an in-store music system. Like our other services we use only top quality materials and equipment, including Quam™ ceiling speakers and tile bridges and Belden™ plenum-rated speaker cabling to achieve sound quality you didn't think was possible from a ceiling speaker system.

We have a wide variety of rack mount amplifier equipment from trusted names like Yamaha™, Denon™, and Bosch™, tailored to fit your budget and the acoustics of your space. Choose from 8Ω equipment for smaller spaces or 70V equipment for larger retail environments. Our knowledge of speaker efficiency, sound propagation, and the amplifiers we sell and service means you get a cool and quiet running amplifier that isn't too big for your needs and will last a lifetime.

Installed Sound

We also work with churches, schools, bars, and other public venues to create crowd pleasing sound reinforcement to faithfully reproduce live sound, whether it be speech or music. Our close relationship with parts distributors and experience with woodworking and cabinet design means we can get you fitted with custom cabinets for what a competitor might charge for off-the-shelf units.

Program Sources

Our experience with antennas means we can get you essentially any form of radio you prefer. A simple outdoor VHF antenna will allow you to receive free FM and HD radio from local and distant stations. For a commercial free experience, choose a Sirius™ satellite radio system. We have inexpensive building mounted antennas that allow you to use a satellite radio in your office or other building without wasting your internet bandwidth on streaming services. For custom programming of your own content we have CD players and multi-CD loaders from TASCAM™.

The Mysterious Music Machine

Exclusively from Revenstar is the Mysterious Music Machine. It is a rack mount program source based on open source software. Your computer sees it as a file server, just drag and drop your MP3, PCM, or Ogg files into the PROGRAMMING folder and the MMM will play them continuously in a random order. It can even play your custom promos and announcements, just drag and drop them into the ANNOUNCEMENTS folder. You can even customize how many songs to play between the promos by changing a configuration file in the ANNOUNCEMENTS folder.

How does it work? No one knows, but it's probably unstoppable.

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