Satellite Communications

Out of all of the services we offer, we have the most experience in satellite communications. Our portfolio covers every piece of equipment from end to end, including every variety of Earth station. No matter the application, we use the highest quality installation materials, including Commscope™ cabling and PCT™ weatherproof compression connectors. We have a variety of mounting options for all of our satellite equipment, including wall mounts for wooden or concrete structures, roof mounts, gable mounts, and pole mounts which are anchored into the ground with at least one bag of concrete for each foot of dish size for rock-solid stability. We even have our own cement mixer to save you money on equipment rentals.

Electric de-icing equipment is available for all of our dish antennas.

C, Ku, and Ka Band Downlink and TVRO

High performance television receive only satellite systems for cable headend and satellite master antenna TV applications, as well as lower performance motorized systems for churches, schools, and other institutions. We're proud to offer all American made fiberglass antennas from ASC Signal (formerly part of Andrew), Prodelin/General Dynamics, as well as spun-aluminum dishes from DH Satellite. We have everything from 3' Ku band dishes for applications like business TV and in-store music all the way up to 16' dual band antennas for satellite news gathering and cable headends.

All of our feedhorns are sourced from Chaparral and LNBs from Chaparral and Norsat, equipment with a proven track record of offering decades of trouble free operation. We have a variety of feedhorns to meet your needs, from single polarity/single band, all the way up to elaborate configurations requiring simultaneous reception of both polarities of both bands for a maximum downlink bandwidth of up to 4Gb/S.

Motorized 8' aluminum mesh with dual-polarity, dual-band LNBF

High performance 16' spun aluminum dish with OMT feedhorn and dual LNBs

Rugged fiberglass ASC Signal Type 100 and Type 690 Ku band downlink antennas

Proper grounding and weatherproofing for two dual-polarity C-band dishes and an OTA antenna

DBS Master Antennas

As explained on our satellite IF distribution page, we can setup your hotel, school, hospital, apartment complex, or other large building with a master dish antenna for DBS systems such as Dish Network and DirecTV, capable of providing satellite signal as an alternative to costly and poor quality cable TV. No matter how many drops your building needs, from just a few to hundreds, they can all be serviced by a single small antenna.

Uplink Earth Stations

Planning an uplink is so much more involved than planning a downlink. We already have a detailed knowledge of your satellite provider's earth station requirements, and can implement them in a way that passes their inspections. Your uplink antenna will need a rock solid base, and precision alignment, along with specialty equipment that will mute the carrier if there is a problem to prevent damage to expensive equipment and possible fines from your carrier or the FCC for disrupting other stations.

We proudly use American made ASC Signal™ and General Dynamics™ uplink antennas with highly accurate spun aluminum reflectors and low-loss feed assemblies. We can determine the right type of antenna for your specific application by taking into account the gain of the satellite transponder you'll be using and the nominal gain of the antennas you intend to use on the downlink side. We create an end-to-end link budget that specifies the necessary uplink antenna gain and power amplifier output to provide the required RSL and fade margin to all of your downlink stations. A larger uplink antenna means smaller downlink antennas and vice-versa. Once everything is installed and running, we verify that the RSL matches the predicted RSL in the link budget and provide proof of performance documentation for your records.

We've worked with both indoor power amplifiers, which are connected to the antenna via waveguide, as well as outdoor equipment, which is connected via coax and usually implemented as a combined block-upconverter and power amp. We also have access to a wide variety of modems from trusted names like Teledyne™ Paradise Datacom®, and can source, install, and configure any other front-end equipment you may need.

VSAT Terminals

Very small aperture transmission is a term for Ku and Ka band uplink dishes up to a few meters, commonly used for remote telemetry and industrial system automation and monitoring in remote locations. Though using less power and with a much lower EIRP than a full-scale uplink Earth station, they still must adhere to strict standards set by your carrier and the FCC. For this reason, we put every bit as much effort into our VSAT installations as our larger uplinks.

If you know the technical details for your master Earth station, we can tell you what size antenna and power level you will need to communicate with it and provide the required level of fade margin. If you don't have a master Earth station yet, we can provide you with an end-to-end link budget and build out a system from the ground up.

We can source and install you an ASC Signal or General Dynamics uplink antenna in sizes up to 3 meters, along with feedhorns and waveguide components like OMTs and transmit reject filters from General Dynamics and Norsat, as well as Norsat LNBs and block-upconverter. We are familiar with a range of modems including the ruggedized and IP65 rated Paradise Datacom® Q-Lite outdoor modem tailored especially for VSAT applications in industrial settings

Special Purpose Satellite Earth Stations

Because we already have all of the equipment needed, we can also service and install uplink and downlink stations for special purpose satellite applications such as satellite telephony, low bandwidth S band telemetry systems such as those used for monitoring infrastructure systems and communicating with the GOES satellites, and even Cubesats. If you can tell us what satellite you need to talk to, we can build you a system for it.

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