Mobile Antennas and In-Vehicle Systems

If you have a workforce that frequently travels, it is important to keep in touch with them. In the rugged mountain terrain of the Virginias, that's easier said than done. We have a complete lineup of systems to help you get the most productivity out of your crew by keeping everyone connected.

Mobile Antennas

We use exclusively high quality antennas and mounts from Laird™, a company that's been trusted by professionals for over 30 years. All of our antennas are NMO mount, meaning that if the antenna is no longer needed it can be removed and the mount covered with a rain cap, or re-used with a different type of antenna.

There are two options for installing NMO mounts. Trunk/hood groove brackets install with three screws to the inside of the fender, if the antenna is no longer needed, the mount can be removed without any visible damage to the vehicle. These are popular for employee vehicles that need extra connectivity. Through-hole mounts are installed by drilling a 3/4" hole, usually in the roof or trunk of the vehicle, and offers a more permanent, higher performance, and more reliable mount.

As with all of our systems, we use only low-loss Andrew™ coaxial cable, and any place where a cable or mount penetrates the body of the car is weatherproofed with silicone. Any antennas that will be used for two-way communications are carefully measured and trimmed to achieve an optimal VSWR of less than 1.5.

We have a wide range of antennas available covering every frequency band from short-wave up to the microwave C band. Here are some examples.

Mobile Antenna Mounts*

Laird high performance NMO mount (1MHz-6GHz) $15
Laird stainless steel hood/trunk groove bracket $6
Laird black powder coated hood/trunk groove bracket $11
Andrew CNT-195 low-loss coaxial cable $0.77/ft
RF connectors $3-$10/ea.

Mobile CB System

The CB radio service is an excellent way to keep informed about traffic conditions, road construction, etc... Because they use the short-wave band, the signal propagates well in the hilly terrain of the Virginias, much farther than UHF and S band cellular signals which are largely limited to line-of-sight. This makes the CB a valuable asset in the case of an accident or breakdown, since emergency services, towing companies, and often other drivers, are listening in on emergency channel 9. The Laird model CB27 is unobtrusive and resembles other mobile antennas. It is available in an attractive semi gloss black with a 48" powder coated stainless steel whip, and features 2.15 dBi of gain for an EIRP of 6.5W on AM and 19.7W on single sideband. Because this is such a popular service, we offer a flat-rate $99 installation fee when you buy your equipment from us.

Equipment Estimate*

Laird CB27 26-28 MHz 2.15dBi 48" whip (black) $88
Uniden Bearcat 980 Transceiver with SSB $189

CB Base Station

Great for towing companies, emergency services, and trucking companies. We recommend the American made Procomm Proton 99 base station antenna, which is lightweight enough to be installed on a J-pipe, gable mount, or pole mount and features 9.9 dBi of gain, for an EIRP of 38.9W on AM and 117.5W on single sideband.

Equipment Estimate*

Procomm Proton PT99 9.9dBi Base Station Antenna $80
Antenna mount $10-$50
Terra Wave N-female/N-female lightning arrestor $26
RF Connectors $20
Plastic enclosure $10
Andrew CNT-240 Coaxial Cable $0.68/ft
Galaxy DX2547 Deluxe Base Station Radio $330

Mobile VHF/UHF Land Mobile Radio

Commonly referred to as business radio, these are private networks of VHF and UHF base and mobile stations. We install and repair vehicle mounted antennas for all of the VHF and UHF bands commonly employed in analog and digital business radio, police, fire, and emergency services. Like our other systems, we use high quality base loaded Laird™ antennas and mounts, and low-loss Andrew™ CNT-195 coaxial feedline.

In-Vehicle Cellular Booster

Because cell phone service is so very unpredictable in the hilly terrain of the Virginias, we offer in-vehicle bi-directional cellular booster kits from Wilson™ electronics The weBoost Drive 3G-X works with AT&T 2G, 3G and 4G HSPA+, Verizon 2G and 3G, Sprint 2G and 3G, and US Cellular 2G and 3G. The weBoost Drive 4G-X works with AT&T 2G, 3G, 4G HSPA+ and 4G LTE, Verizon 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and XLTE, Sprint 2G and 3G, and US Cellular 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. Both models are self-ranging and offer up to 50dB of gain, which is the maximum allowed by carrier regulations. Because this is such a popular service, we offer a flat-rate $99 installation fee when you buy your equipment from us.


Wilson weBoost Drive 3G-X model 470111 $439
Wilson weBoost Drive 4G-X model 470510 $527

Antenna Options*

Laird AB8065CT 5dBi 21" whip $58
Laird AB8063 3dBi 15" whip $35
Laird 3dBi Phantom Elite Antenna (white) $58
Laird 3dBi Phantom Elite Antenna (black) $58
Laird TRA6927M3NW 3dBi Phantom Antenna (white) $51
Laird TRA6927M3NB-001 3dBi Phantom Antenna (black) $51

Sirius™ Satellite Radio

Satellite radio has the advantage of coast-to-coast coverage, along with a large variety of quality programming including music of all genres, sports, talk, news, and weather, and is available for as low as $6 per month. If you own your own fleet, adding Sirius radio is an excellent benefit for you or your employees. We install the Tram/Browning NMO mount Sirius antenna, which offers higher performance than magnet mount antennas and looks like a factory antenna, all for only $49*. We can even install your Sirius equipped head unit or receiver for you. Because this is such a popular service, we offer a flat-rate $99 installation fee when you buy your equipment from us.


Navigation and tracking via GPS is used more often than ever, and is a must have for taxis, couriers, delivery services, and trucking outfits. If you own a service company, outfitting your fleet with GPS tracking will let you manage your drivers more efficiently, and alert customers when to expect your technicians. External GPS antennas offer the most accurate fix, and can be used with a wide variety of equipment, including cellular based trackers and mainstream logistics systems. Pair it with an in-vehicle cellular modem and /or cellular booster for a complete mobile command center.

Equipment estimate*

Laird GPSU15M 27dB 3-5V GPS antenna $99

In-Vehicle Cellular Base Station

This is essentially a scaled-down version of our fixed wireless cellular base stations, because of the high gain outdoor antenna, it will often work even in areas where a cellular handset might not. This is a great solution for carpool vans and charter buses, because you can offer your passengers free wifi as a selling point, or charge a premium for the service. Service companies find it useful for remote access to web based help desk software and logistics systems.

Equipment estimate*

Laird AB8065CT 5dBi 21" whip $58
Sierra Wireless 2G/3G/4G LTE AirPrime Indoor Modem $130
Mikrotik 802.11n cAP lite Access Point $29

*Prices are estimated at the time of writing and are subject to change without notice. Installation cost, antenna, mount, and radio needs may vary based on your application.

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