Over-the-Air Antennas

With the rising cost of subscription TV services, many businesses are looking to over-the-air antennas as a no-cost alternative. After the antenna installation, the operating expenses are essentially nil. With your antenna you'll be able to receive full HD programming from your local networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and Fox, along with sub-carrier channels transmitted along with the main channels, such as Create, The CW, MeTV, RTN, etc...

Adding an OTA antenna is a great way to provide entertainment and ambiance to dining areas, employee break rooms, waiting rooms, hospitals, and schools. They're a great selling point for apartment complexes, hotels, and campgrounds, where customers or tenants will appreciate having an always-on source of free quality programming. Because the television broadcast band overlaps with the FM radio broadcast band, you can also use your antenna to provide free in-store music from local and distant FM stations.

We also service antennas used to provide network channels for cable/CATV distribution and.


The typical installation will include an American made Winegard™ antenna. The antenna needs to be mounted as high above the ground as possible for the best signal. We have a variety of mounts including J-pipes, gable mounts, and non-penetrating roof mounts, as well as 20' unipipe masts and small guyed steel towers up to 40'.

The type of antenna you will need will depend on how far you are from the stations you wish to receive, the terrain between your site and the station's transmitter, and the station's EIRP. We have a wide variety of antennas available from small unidirectional antennas for urban areas to large high-gain narrow beam antennas for "deep fringe" areas.

Your antenna will be installed carefully in accordance with NFPA 70 national fire codes, which include grounding the mast to the building's electrical ground and the use of a static arrestor grounding block to prevent equipment damage from electrical storms. For signal cabling, we use only American made Commscope RG-6 terminated with weatherproof PCT compression connectors.


Because the digital TV broadcast band uses the same frequencies as the old analog broadcast band and cable TV, distribution only requires inexpensive splitters and taps. A preamplifier might be needed where the received signal is adequate at the antenna, but falls below the required level after passing through the downlead. These devices are small and inexpensive, and don not require any additional wiring as they are powered over the coax via power inserter. Distribution amplifiers might be needed to provide adequate signal for larger installations or where very long runs of coax are used.

Receiving Equipment

Because ATSC tuners are built in to every TV manufactured in the last ten years, including all flat screens and some of the later CRT models, in most cases there is no need for separate receivers. If you would like to have DVR capability, we can provide you with the highly acclaimed ChannelMaster DVR+.

Winegard™ OTA Antenna
Channel Master Titan II signal preamp (if needed)
Mounting mast and hardware
Mast/Tower (if needed)
Commscope RG6 cable
Blonder Tongue Distribution Amplifier (if needed)
Arrestor grounding block
Plastic enclosure

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