Satellite IF Distribution

The intermediate frequency is the signal that is down converted by the LNB. Satellite IF can be challenging to distribute efficiently, especially in large buildings, because of the higher frequencies involved (up to twice that of CATV or OTA) and the need for DiSEqC* and voltage switching. Because of these difficulties, the Dish Network or DirecTV company technician often has no option but to install a separate dish for each customer. The result is often a courtyard full of dish antennas that can't be removed because no one knows who they belong to. We have solutions for a variety of situations requiring seamless IF distribution.

Dish Network

 Dish Network uses a fleet of their own satellites to deliver DBS services in the upper Ku band. A "Dish 1000" antenna or three single 18" dishes is sufficient to supply satellite signal to a building of any size.

For smaller buildings we can supply you with a master antenna and the equipment to distribute it in the form of Dish Pro Plus multiswitches. A single Dish 1000 antenna can supply up to six DPP44 4-output switches. Each DP+ output can supply one dual tuner receiver for up to 24 separate units and a total of 48 rooms. The example below supplies 12 duo receivers for a total of 24 rooms.

For larger buildings such as high rise apartment complexes, we can supply you with a pair of Drake Digital transcoders that convert the incoming QPSK or 8PSK signal into QAM, delivering all of the satellites on one cable at one time and requiring no switches. Because the transcoder also converts the signal to a lower frequency band (5-900MHz) it can be distributed just like over the air or cable TV with inexpensive taps, splitters, and distribution amplifiers. In this configuration tenant are limited to ViP222 or DP811 receivers.


As a courtesy we also offer DirecTV master antenna service, but because of the way DirecTV distributes their programming, we can only offer this service for standard definition. A DirecTV master antenna system requires only one dish antenna, and with a band stacked LNB can provide all programming available on the Ku band satellite at 101°W to as many receivers as needed, using satellite grade splitters and 950-2150 MHz distribution amplifiers.

Cable Headend

Our cable headend portfolio includes rack mountable splitters, multiswitches, distribution amps, transcoders, and receivers.

*Digital satellite equipment control

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